pwrTune RZR 900 ECU Tuning

After countless hours tuning and testing on our AXIS UTV dyno our Polaris RZR 900 ECU tunes are tested perfected and ready for you. Our RZR 900 ECU tunes apply to all 2015 2016 and 2017 RZR 900 models. This includes 900 trails and 900S models two seats or 4 seat models.

The largest performance gain to be had with ECU tuning is normally fuel trim settings and spark advance. But for the RZR 900 it appears that Polaris has significantly held back performance. Call it torque limiter or shaft saver, the stock ECU setting do not allow your machine to achieve full throttle. If you watch the YouTube video below you can see a clear example of this. When you push the pedal to the floor of your RZR 900 the electronically controlled throttle blade opens up all the way for almost a second, then throttles back to about 70-75% throttle. If the video continues the machine further throttles back at about 50mph to only 60% throttle.


PwrTune ECU tuning for the RZR 900 and 900S addresses this issue and allows for full throttle blade opening when you put the pedal to the floor as you can see from the second half of the video.  Along with that we have optimized fuel and spark timing depending on what fuel grade you select and also any other performance modifications you have made such as RZR 900 intake or performance exhaust. Other modifications include the elimination of speed limiter in both high and low gears. Increased RPM limiter is suggested to be set at 8700 up from the stock 8300rpm rev limit but the specific limit is your choice. And finally you can choose which temperature you would like your cooling fan to turn on or off for increased cooling efficiency.

All of our tunes are backed with our free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection. If you have a problem in the future, trans takes a crap, EPS blows up, and you gotta take it in for warranty work. Or more annoying another RZR recall?? Come on! No worries, we’ve got you covered with Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection. What does this mean? Basically, if you have an issue and need your stock ECU back to stock, we will flash it back to stock for you no charge. Check our website for details. If you have turf mode, active decent, or any option these tunes will work great with no check engine lights or running/starting issues. Since we adjust your stock tune and don’t just wipe your ECU with someone else’s adjusted tune we don’t have the random problems other tuning shops have.



We have fresh ECU’s available at an additional charge ready for immediate shipping. Or you can send in your ECU for reflash tuning. Your stock file to be read and saved with your name and ECU serial number before adjusting your specific ECU tune to the specifications you have requested. Your ECU will be tuned and sent back out to you the next business day. Contact us today and send in your ECU for performance tuning. If you are not ready yet to step up to a pwrTune ecu reflash we stock many other performance products for your RZR including EJK Fuel Controllers.

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Dynomometer (dyno) Muffler Exhaust System Part 2

Our 55 gallon drum for the dyno muffler has been modified with a 4 inch inlet at the bottom, provisions for feet, and necessary in this drums case the top has been cut off. Now the drum is ready for some sound deadening exhaust packing. Because the drum is such a large diameter compared to what a normal muffler would be we have a lot of room for material which should ultimately help keep the noise down. I needed to get this project completed quite so I could continue product testing our RZR Turbo Velocity Intake system, and also had a RZR 900 S coming in for a new intake design and pwrtuneECU tuning.


Not really sure how well this entire project will work out, initially I did not want to use a large amount of expensive exhaust packing to fill the drum.  I have several large rolls of BGF techmat high quality exhaust packing at the shop, but filling the drum would require two entire rolls and if the drum muffler did not work out the packing would be useless. So instead I decided to fill with pink home insulation from home depot on the outermost edges, and I would use one layer of real exhaust packing on the inside that would contact the perforated core. I started with a small square of insulation at the bottom (see pic) and about half of a roll of the unfaced pink insulation placed that I placed into the drum filling the bottom half of the space. I carefully put an inner layer of the white exhaust packing inside that so the half the drum was packed. Then I inserted the perforated core before I filled up the rest of the drums. It didn’t look like I could fill up the drum and then put the core in, nor did it look like I could put in the core and then fill the drum, so I did half and half. The inner perforated core that I used I also got from home depot, it was a 40”x40” sheet of aluminum about 22ga. covered in triangular holes.  Normally for a muffler the holes in the core would have been too large allowing most of the exhaust packing to easily escape. But since the muffler core it would start at a bottom 4” diameter and taper up to an 8” I didn’t see the packing easily escaping running at max 1000cc Polaris RZR UTV motors. We on our dyno we run.


I finished the packing with the pink insulation on the inside and one layer of exhaust packing on the inside, you can see from the two pics the packing with core sticking out. Next I cut a hole in the drum lid and used an HVAC 8” starter take off for the outlet. Placing the lid on the drum the muffler core came into the 8” take off about 2” just enough to secure of with some high temp tape. The 55 gallon drum has now been converted into a dyno muffler with a 4” inlet at the bottom and 8” outlet on the top. The last thing I wanted to do was install a fan at the outlet to help keep the back pressure down and then will be ready to test.


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Working on a new Website

Wow, hello out there. Been working hard on our new ecommerce site and I gotta say I’d rather have greasy hands then bugged out computer stair eyes. Pulled an all nighters last night, got lots done and I feel great! Not, exactly. 

Not sleeping for me feels the same as a mild hangover…

Anyway, working hard to get the new site up should be another week or so. Nearly pulling my hair out, lots of new stuff ready / in the works / fun ideas mainly regarding our turbo rzr development. Want to get it out there but, hard to do without an actual way to sell. Soon, very soon…

This is my first blogpost. Seems easy (if it works) after an hour of course setting up the iOS app so I can post from my phone.